Rosie’s Story

Dedicated Accident Solicitors were kind, friendly, efficient.

Rosie was unfortunate enough to have two accidents in two years. In both cases, she tripped in public places that should have been safe.

In her first accident, Rosie caught the heel of her boot in a grate as she was walking through a shop door. A member of the public had to help her to get free and she sustained a sprained ankle and damage to her soft tissue as a result of getting stuck. Rosie had to take time off work and so did her husband, in order to take care of her.

In her second accident, Rosie tripped and fell into an unguarded pothole as she was walking in the city centre one night. This incident was particularly dangerous for Rosie as she was pregnant at the time. Fortunately, Rosie did not suffer any serious injuries, however she did find the experience traumatic.

In both cases, Rosie contacted Dedicated Accident Solicitors. Both times, the cases were fraught with false claims and denial from those who should have guaranteed a safe environment for the public. Yet with the help of our expert legal team, Rosie was awarded settlements for both accidents she suffered. Rosie was very happy with the service she received and would recommend Dedicated Accident Solicitors to everyone.

Video Transcription

“I was unfortunate enough to suffer two accidents in the space of about two years, none of which I considered to be my fault. I saw an advert for Dedicated Accident Solicitors and thought I would give them a ring to see if they could pursue my case.

Both accidents involved me tripping in a public place. In the first accident, I caught the heel of my boot in a grate as I went to walk through a shop door. This caused me to badly sprain my ankle and suffer soft tissue damage. The heel of the boot was torn away and a member of the public had to help me pull my foot free from the grate. After contacting Dedicated Accident Solicitors they went out and took photographs of the grate and contacted both the shop and the shopping centre where the grate was

Both companies denied that the grate was their responsibility under the terms of the lease. Dedicated Accident Solicitors fought hard for me, they even had to initiate some court proceedings. Eventually, the shopping centre conceded it was their responsibility and I was paid settlement. I was even paid out for a replacement pair of boots and for a day’s loss of earning for my husband, who had to take a day off work to care for me.

In my second accident, I tripped down an unguarded pothole, in the darkness, in the city centre. This was particularly stressful for me as I was pregnant at the time. My solicitors initially approached the council over this matter, but they blamed some contractors who were working in the area at the time. The contractors were contacted and they produced witness statements to say that they had put barriers around the pothole, however my solicitors fought hard for me and proved that there weren’t any barriers there at the time and the contractors hadn’t been telling the truth.

This led to a settlement being reached and I was paid a significant amount of compensation. If I was ever unfortunate enough to have another accident, I would definitely be in touch with Dedicated Accident Solicitors. Dedicated Accident Solicitors were good at their job, they were kind, friendly, efficient, kept in good communication with me; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend dedicated accident solicitors to anybody.”

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