Mrs W’s Story

His job involved operating a large wire drawing machine which produced wire that would then be used to reinforce concrete for use on motorways.

It was only after my husband had passed away and a post mortem had been undertaken that we were informed that my husband had been suffering from asbestosis. It turned out that the brake bands used on the wire drawing machines were made of asbestos, so when the machines were used, asbestos dust would enter into the air where it was breathed in by the workers. My husband died without ever knowing this.

Even though my husband had died, Dedicated Accident Solicitors were still able to bring a claim for compensation against the company that had exposed him to the asbestos dust all those years ago. I am so pleased that I chose Dedicated Accident Solicitors to act for us, as they did a wonderful job and we won nearly £50,000. Our legal team were so friendly and helpful, and everything ran smoothly. I cannot thank them highly enough for their help, and I highly recommend them.

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