Mrs L’s Story

Mesothelioma is a terminal lung disease caused by inhaling asbestos dust. He had worked for the Central Electricity Generating Board from the 1960s onwards, and was stationed at Willington Power Station. In those days, the power stations used huge amounts of asbestos as insulation, and this was where my dad breathed in the dust and fibres.

My dad sadly died before his claim was finalised, but Dedicated Accident Solicitors managed to obtain an Interim payment from his former employer of £35,000 whilst he was still alive, and this helped to make him comfortable in his final months. Our legal team also succeeded in getting my dad benefit payments for his illness, including Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit and a lump sum payment of almost £14,000.

We were able to continue with dad’s claim after he passed away and the final settlement figure was over £82,000. I cannot praise Dedicated Accident Solicitors enough for their excellent service and for the level of compensation they secured. The legal team were very approachable and friendly during this emotional time for us and we felt confident that we could rely on their expertise and dedication.

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