Mr N’s Story

I was driving past a parked car, when the driver suddenly opened her car door in front of me. Unfortunately, I was unable to avoid colliding with the door and the impact caused me to suffer a whiplash injury to my neck and back.

I was really shocked when the other driver tried to blame me for the accident and I even received a letter from her solicitors alleging that I had driven into the rear of her car. This was completely untrue, and Dedicated Accident Solicitors obtained CCTV footage, photographs, and evidence from the police to prove that my version of events was true and that I was completely innocent.

I might not have won my case at all if my solicitors had not done such a thorough job. Dedicated Accident Solicitors managed to secure me compensation that paid for my injury, my recovery, storage charges, my car hire charges, and even an amount for the extra jobs my wife had to do when I was unable to help around the house.

I would like to send my warmest thanks to the team at Dedicated Accident Solicitors for doing such a great job for me.

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