Mr J’s Story

At the time, my daughter was working for the council chaperoning children to and from schools in Derby. On the day of the accident, I was driving my daughter and a child back to the foster parents’ home when another car hit us

Thankfully, our injuries were not too serious, but the accident wrote off my taxi. This meant that when I was well enough to drive again, I was forced to hire a car to continue with my job. Dedicated Accident Solicitors took on my claim, but were soon faced with problems when the driver of the other car refused to admit that there were two passengers in my taxi at the time of the accident.

I was very offended by the other driver’s claim, particularly as we had simply been going about our own business at the time of the accident and had been injured through no fault of our own. As an upstanding member of the community, I was determined to clear my name, and Dedicated Accidents Solicitors went to great lengths to help me do this.

Although court proceedings had to be issued, my solicitors did all of the work and I did not feel anxious at all. They steered me through the case with great skill and compassion, and I would urge anyone who has a possible claim to choose Dedicated Accident Solicitors to help them handle it.

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