Mr D’s Employment Story

My employers had not given me any formal training on how to drive the quad bike even though I had to ride it along the central reservation of a dual carriageway as part of my duties. Due to my inexperience, I lost control of the bike and it overturned, throwing me into the fast moving traffic and straight into the path of an oncoming lorry.

Not only did my employers fail to give me any proper training, but it also later came to light that the bike had been loaded over its maximum weight with weed killer spray and its tyres were unevenly inflated.

My injuries were so severe that I was in hospital for two months. I had to have several operations on my broken bones as well as skin, muscle, and nerve grafts. I have been left permanently disabled and severely scarred, and am unable to return to the same line of work.

My employers did everything they could to try and avoid taking any blame for my accident, and I was therefore very grateful to have Dedicated Accident Solicitors fighting my corner. They battled very hard for me, and even though my employer went into liquidation before my case was concluded, they were still able to win a substantial compensation payment for me. I would like to thank my legal team for their hard work and, as their name suggests, their dedication.

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