Mr A’s Story

The collision knocked me to the floor, but the forklift truck continued to reverse, crushing my left leg in the process.

I shouted at the driver to stop, but he seemed to be completely unaware of my presence until he had almost reached my left knee. At that point he stopped the vehicle, but he then had to drive the truck forward in order to release my left leg. It was an utterly terrifying experience in which I was afraid I was going to be killed.

My accident happened whilst I was at work, but the fault lay mainly with the supplier rather than my employer, as the supplier did not have any system to keep visitors safe and separated from their forklift trucks.

Although my case might have looked very straightforward on the face of things, in reality it turned out to be very hard-fought. The supplier would not accept any blame for my accident, and produced witnesses who said that I should not have been in the car park at all, even thought I had been parking there for years. I am therefore so grateful that Dedicated Accident Solicitors took on my case. They left no stone unturned in fighting for compensation for me, and they even obtained video evidence from a private investigator to show that anyone could park in the supplier’s car park.

Thankfully, I won my case and received a cheque for £35,000. The compensation that Dedicated Accident Solicitors obtained for me has gone some way to making amends for the traumatic experience that I suffered. I am indebted to my solicitors for believing in me and for going the extra mile to prove my case.

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