Mr A’s Story

I was therefore forced to have to pay someone else to manage my shop for me, which came at great expense.

Dedicated Accident Solicitors brought a claim for me against the driver who had pulled out of a side road and struck the passenger side of my car. Although the other driver admitted that the accident was his fault, his insurers made a big fuss about paying for all of my losses and expenses and refused to do so. I feel sure that no other solicitors would have gone to the lengths that Dedicated Accident Solicitors did to recover these sums.

In the end, thanks to my legal team, I won almost £12,000 and I even received money to pay for some more physiotherapy to help me with my symptoms in the future. I am extremely happy with the service that I received and I would urge anyone who has had a road traffic accident to use Dedicated Accident Solicitors as they will work tirelessly and won’t let you down.

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