Miss P’s Story

My father was a plant attendant, and therefore he worked alongside laggers who would be removing and reapplying the asbestos on a daily basis. At this time, the workers did not know that asbestos was a dangerous substance – I even heard about them rolling it up into balls and throwing it at each other like snowballs for fun.

Then, in the 1970s, my father started working at an aluminium foundry as a sorter of metals and later as a fitter’s mate. The buildings on the site were lined with asbestos sheeting, which released dust and fibres into the air when disturbed by the frequent explosions in the foundry.

It was many years later, when my father was in his seventies, that he became very short of breath and was diagnosed with asbestosis and pleural thickening due to being exposed to asbestos fibres all those years earlier. Sadly, he died as a result of this illness a few years later.

We decided to bring a claim on my late father’s behalf, but the first firm of solicitors that we approached turned us away. However, we thankfully found Dedicated Accident Solicitors and they agreed to take our claim on. Although it was a difficult case, our legal team did not give up, and eventually our case was settled for £48,000. We cannot have our father back, but my sisters and I are very grateful that Dedicated Accident Solicitors have given us some peace in the knowledge that we won justice for him. We would definitely recommend them to others in the same position as us.

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