Ken’s Story

John Das was thorough, conscientious, and explained the whole situation.

During the course of her cancer treatment, Ken’s wife was prescribed an anti-sickness injection. However, the injection was given incorrectly and hit the sciatic nerve.

Ken’s wife experienced excruciating pain, along with foot drop, a paralysis of the front part of the foot and toes. It makes walking difficult and has required the couple to make major changes to their lives and home as a consequence.

The couple received a recommendation that they should talk to John Das at Dedicated Accident Solicitors to see what help they could be given for the difficult situation they found themselves in. John Das came to visit Ken and his wife at their home, which they appreciated very much.

Ken and his wife found John Das to be extremely helpful to them. He was knowledgeable and experienced, and very thoughtful in his dealings with them. He explained the whole situation from day one and kept them informed of any and all progress. They felt nothing was of too much trouble, and were very pleased with the six figure settlement sum.

Video Transcription

“At 36, my wife Jane was diagnosed with lower bowel cancer. She had radiotherapy and then surgery. The surgery went reasonably well, but she lost a lot of weight, went down to around about 6 stone, and was having a real bad bounce of sickness and diarrhoea. To counteract that, they gave her an anti-sickness injection, which was given in the wrong area and hit the sciatic nerve. As a result of the injection, she experienced excruciating pain at the time and this resulted in lower foot drop. Walking does cause problems and she always carries a stick with her. We had to change the car from manual to automatic because she can’t depress the clutch, there’s no strength in her leg. Around the house we bought, obviously, equipment to make mobility easier, even changing carpets to wooden timber floors or vinyl.

Thankfully, Jane made a complete recovery from the bowel cancer, but not so in relation to the foot drop. This still causes considerable pain and she’s actually on medication permanently now for that. Having spoken to friends and relatives regarding it, one recommended John Das at Dedicated Accident Solicitors as regarding compensation.

John Das from Dedicated Accident Solicitors came out to see us at our house, which meant we hadn’t got to travel anywhere, which we thought was extremely good. He was thorough, conscientious, very thoughtful and explained the whole situation – the process – from day one what was going to happen, the rough period of time it would take and nothing was too much trouble.

John Das secured us a six-figure sum, compensation sum. I think it’s very important that you know, that you use a solicitor that is experienced and knowledgeable in clinical negligence and I would thoroughly recommend him.”

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