Ian’s Story

John was absolutely brilliant. He was on the phone the next day.

When Ian’s mother started suffering from chest pains, the doctor treated her for pneumonia. A later scan, however, showed a shadow on her lung.

The diagnosis

A biopsy confirmed terrible news for the family: the shadow was a terminal lung condition called mesothelioma. Unfortunately, Ian’s mother’s health declined very rapidly and she died only eight months after being first diagnosed.

How Ian’s mother developed mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is almost always caused by exposure to asbestos. Ian’s mother had never worked in any place where asbestos was present, however, but Ian’s father had.

As a demolition worker in the Derby area for many years, Ian’s father helped to demolish buildings often containing asbestos, and would return home covered in the toxic dust. Ian’s mother would shake out these clothes prior to washing them which released asbestos fibres into the air which she then breathed in.

Getting compensation

The family decided to involve a solicitor to see what help they could receive, and decided that Dedicated Accident Solicitors were the firm they wanted to represent them.

John Das visited Ian at home, which the family appreciated very much – the relaxed atmosphere helped them to talk about the situation at ease.

Throughout this very sad time, the family were very impressed by John Das’ handling of their case. They appreciated the careful research undertaken, his sensitive handling, and continuous communication. They never felt pressured or stressed, and were very happy to receive a helpful Interim payment, and finally a six-figure settlement sum.

Video Transcription

“When mum first started suffering with this problem she went to the doctors and they thought, initially, that it was going to be something like pneumonia. So they actually treated for pneumonia, and eventually she got an x-ray and followed by a scan, which did actually show up a shadow on one of her lungs, which they then did a biopsy for and found it to be this life threatening disease called mesothelioma. This is a terrible illness, which is normally caused by the person being subject to asbestos fibres somewhere in their, their working history.

My dad, he was a demolition guy, used to go round sort of taking all the houses down in the derby area, making way for new builds. And they would just blatantly go in there and chip off the asbestos, pull the place down; great big clouds of dust as you can well imagine. It’d be in their lungs, it’d be in their hair, on all their clothing, and dad had finished his day’s work, no washing facilities at work so he’d go home as he’d finish work, take of his dusty clothes – covered in dust from head to foot. Mum being Mum, as they were, she’d take the clothes, stand at the back door, give them a right good shake and then chuck them in the washing machine. And it turns out that this was the downfall; Mum actually picked these fibres up from my father’s clothing.

We then spoke to the doctors about this, they looked further into it and it turned out that this was more than likely gonna be the case. Obviously they wouldn’t say anything, but it meant that we had to get involved a solicitor, of some description. I trawled the internet and looked at quite a few. Eventually, coming across the Dedicated Asbestos Solicitors and speaking to a guy, who was just a guy to me then, John Das. John came up to our house, very relaxed atmosphere, better than going to an office or anything. It was, he was really, really thoughtful, and we then sat down and I explained to him that mum had been, had this problem with the chest pain. It was eventually scanned in and found as mesothelioma.

It sort of suddenly just got worse and worse and worse, and eventually within 8 months of being diagnosed, unfortunately she passed away. John went away with the information that he, he’d got from us and obviously information from my father, to obviously sort out where people had worked, where my mum had worked, where my dad had worked, so he could actually put a case together.

But john was absolutely brilliant, he was on the phone the next day, and probably a couple of days later, just wanting little snippets of information. Then we got our interim payment, which was quite handy, helped out with the bills. John was in contact quite, quite a lot really and none of it was, none of it was difficult to deal with. He always asked the right questions, he never asked questions in a way that would upset you, especially when he was talking to me dad, because obviously my dad was, my dad was a bit uptight because he actually now realised that the problem was caused by his contact with the asbestos.

We actually used the fund that John got us which was a six figure fee, six figure sum sorry not a fee, and the fact that the whole thing was done on a no win no fee basis, he was absolutely brilliant and I would recommend him to anybody.”

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