Anthony’s Story

It’s been a big help in my life, and without that, I don’t know what I’d have done.

What started out as fun trip motorbiking with a friend turned into tragedy for Anthony when the bike they were on was involved in a serious accident on the motorway.

Upon waking up in Intensive Care two weeks later, Anthony was in a state of distress at finding himself covered in tubes, which he tried to pull out in his disorientated state.

Anthony had suffered extensive injuries. He had been airlifted to hospital from the scene of the accident into surgery lasting eight hours to save his life. He had a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain; his pelvis had been broken and had ruptured his bowel, causing severe internal injuries. Unable to walk, Anthony became wheelchair bound and had to begin a long process of physiotherapy to learn how to walk again.

Left in great pain and unable to work, Anthony began to consider seeking compensation to help himself recover more quickly. Anthony got in touch with Dedicated Accident Solicitors and discussed his case with John Das, who visited Anthony at his home. The results of the efforts of John Das and Dedicated Accident Solicitors, Anthony believes, made a major positive impact on his situation.

Anthony received an early Interim Payment to cover his loss of earnings, access to private healthcare he wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford, and a substantial compensation payment. Anthony believes that he may not have received such considerable help had he not had Dedicated Accident Solicitors representing him, and recommends their expertise to anyone.

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