Head and brain injury compensation claims

If you, or a loved one, has been involved in an accident which has resulted in a serious injury to the head or brain, it can dramatically affect the rest of your, and your family’s, life.

At Dedicated Accident Solicitors, our team of experts understand that bringing a claim can often be the last thing on your mind at such a stressful and traumatic time, but if you or a loved one are suffering from a serious head or brain injury that was somebody else’s fault, a compensation claim may well be the only chance for you to afford the level of care that may be required for a lifetime.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a head or brain injury and you are unsure whether you may be entitled to compensation, our team can provide you with free initial advice and we also offer no win no fee agreements where appropriate.

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Brain injury claims

The details of brain injury claims differ from case to case and the injuries can arise due to an accident at work, a road traffic accident or a fall. However, whatever the circumstances, if you’ve been injured and it was someone else’s fault, then you have every right to make a claim for compensation.

The more serious the injuries, the more compensation you will be awarded, if your claim is successful, to ensure that you, and your loved ones, can start to rebuild your lives.

Brain injury compensation, how much will I receive?

The brain is the control centre for the vast majority of the body’s vital functions, so even a minor injury can have significant consequences that, in some cases, could affect the victim for the rest of their lives. Effects could range from psychological problems or limited movement all the way up to paralysis and almost total incapacity.

Because every brain injury is different, the amount of compensation received will depend on a variety of factors, from long-term prognosis to the cost of any care required. In serious cases, the person concerned may require 24 hour care, making the compensation even more vital in helping maintain quality of life.

Some of the factors taken into consideration when calculating compensation awards, in the event of a successful claim, include:

  • General damages. This is the name given to compensation for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity. You may also be entitled to an interim payment of compensation, to help with your costs while your claim is in process.
  • Care and assistance. This will include any help that may be required for everyday tasks you wouldn’t otherwise have struggled with before the accident. In severe cases, this may involve 24 hour care for life.
  • Rehabilitation and occupational therapy.
  • Home and vehicle adaptions. This may include the cost of moving home or adapting your existing home, if necessary.
  • Loss of earnings/loss of pension. This will include present and future loss of earnings and can differ dramatically in each individual case.
  • Other financial losses and expenses. This will be determined by the individual’s needs and can range from simple mobility aids to specialist fitness equipment.

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Is there a time limit for head and brain injury compensation claims?

When it comes to head and brain injury cases, the time limit to claim compensation is usually 3 years. This means that court proceedings must normally be issued within 3 years of your accident.

However, the time limit can vary depending on the circumstances and the age of the person injured. So, an injured child under the age of 18 years, for instance, will have until their 21st birthday to bring a claim. Where the injured person has suffered a serious brain injury, such that they are not able to manage their own affairs under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, the time limit may be waived altogether.

Because of the varying time limits involved, it is important that you seek advice as soon as possible after your accident to avoid missing any deadlines.

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