Can I transfer my case to you from my current solicitors?

We have taken over many cases from other solicitors when clients have been dissatisfied with the service they were receiving.

It can often be the case that victims originally choose a well-known national claims company to represent them, but soon find out that with their solicitors based far away and unwilling to visit them at home like we do, they don’t get the quality of service that they expect and deserve. Some clients find that they are unhappy with the lack of personal attention they receive from a large corporate firm and others find that their solicitor gives up their case at the first hurdle.

Clients who have transferred their cases to us from other firms of solicitors have been impressed by our positive and proactive approach and the fact that we have gone on to obtain successful outcomes for them. They like the fact that we will visit them at home at their convenience, provide them with support throughout the process and do our utmost to overcome obstacles in the case in order to achieve success.

What will it cost to transfer my case?

Usually, when changing solicitors in these types of cases, there is no need to pay anything to the original solicitors at the point of transfer, because we can generally claim any costs they may be entitled to at the end of the successful case and send this payment on to them.

What do I need to do to transfer my case?

Transferring a case from another solicitor that you’re unhappy with is usually straightforward. You don’t even need to speak to your present solicitor about it. We will ask you to sign an authority form instructing your current solicitor to transfer your file across to us. We will often agree to ‘preserve their lien as to costs’, which means that we agree to ensure that your former solicitors’ costs are paid once the case has successfully concluded. After this, the file transfer is often completed within a few days.

If you have any concerns about your current solicitors, please contact us so that we can discuss your situation with you and advise you how we can help.

The process of moving your case to us is very simple and we will take care of the arrangements and liaise with your current solicitors on your behalf.

For more information on this, go to our blog on transferring claims.

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