Common asbestos myths busted

Common asbestos myths busted Once called a miracle material for its heat and fire resistance, asbestos was commonly used from the 19th century up until the year 1999 in residential, commercial and public buildings.  However, once it was found to cause cancer and other illnesses, the use of asbestos declined until eventually it was banned.  Although it is now common knowledge that the substance is toxic, there are still many myths that abound.  In this blog, we sort out fact…

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Life-changing injury compensation

Dedicated Accident Solicitors helped machine worker, Wade Moore, win a 6-figure sum for his claim after he suffered a devastating hand injury at work. Mr Moore’s left hand was caught in an unguarded machine in his workplace as a result of which he sadly lost parts of three fingers as well as other severe damage to the hand. Only 19 years of age when the accident happened, Mr Moore lost most of the function in the hand and has thus…

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University Boat Race excitement

Everyone here at Dedicated Accident Solicitors were excited to learn this week that the nephew of one of our Solicitors, Alison Stokes, has been selected to row for Oxford in the 2016 University Boat Race. We all wish George McKirdy and the Oxford boat every success in the race. You can read about George and the other rowers here

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Successful claim despite obstacles

Dedicated Accident Solicitors were recently successful in securing a significant award of compensation for Derby resident, Mrs Brenda Tooth, when she was injured after tripping in a 3 inch deep pothole in the road, suffering a serious elbow fracture. The fall resulted in Mrs Tooth requiring surgery to repair her elbow using a metal plate and screws, and a hospital stay of nearly a week. Ever since the incident, Mrs Tooth has been unable to carry her usual shopping bags…

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Reform gives insurers £1bn

John Das has written to the Derby Telegraph about the government’s disastrous plans to limit access to justice in personal injury cases. Since John’s letter, the government has changed its plans slightly, but is still proposing to significantly reduce the amount of compensation payable for ‘whiplash’ injuries and to massively increase the small claims limit in road traffic accident cases, along with a considerable increase in the small claims limit for all other types of personal injury case. This will…

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How to transfer your injury claim

One of the questions I am frequently asked is whether it is possible to transfer an existing personal injury claim from the current Solicitors to us. Often, after a road accident, the insurers will appoint their preferred Solicitor to act for the victim. Some time later, having found the Solicitors are based hundreds of miles away and disappointed at the lack of service quality, the client may want to instruct us, their local firm, instead. Their questions are usually can…

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